Lisa Rajan

Lisa Rajan

Lisa Rajan is an author who has published over 20 books with Collins Big Cat, part of Harper Collins.

The Tara Binns picture books which is a charming and clever departure from the princesses and fairies that usually dominate books with female characters. Tara Binns solves problems, invents things, learns new skills, has bright ideas, helps other people, makes tough decisions, and shows each child how practical, resourceful, capable and kind every little girl is.

Books in the Tara Binns series

Tara Binns: Big Idea Engineer

Tara Binns: High-Flying Pilot

Tara Binns: Clued-up Detective

Tara Binns: Mighty Mountain Ranger

Tara Binns: Creative Coder

Tara Binns: Intrepid Inventor

Tara Binns: Daring Diver

Tara Binns: Vigilant Vet

Tara Binns: Bright-spark Scientist

Tara Binns: Ground-breaking Fossil Hunter

Tara Binns: Trail-blazing Astronaut

Tara Binns: Double-Quick Doctor

Books in the Dani Binns series

Dani Binns - Promising Police Officer

Dani Binns - Fair-play Footballer

Dani Binns - Talented Train Driver

Dani Binns - Fix-it Farmer

Dani Binns - Brilliant Builder

Dani Binns - Fearless Firefighter

Dani Binns - Clever Chef

Dani Binns - Practical Paramedic